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Win the Heart of a Duchess

Author: Trisha Fuentes

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Book Three in The Thunderbolt Series

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Scandalous Secrets & Forbidden Love Await in Gilded Cage Romance

Juliet, the captivating Duchess of Wrotham, feels trapped in a gilded cage. Yearning for laughter, love, and a child, she finds her dreams mocked by the relentless whispers of time.

Enter the enigmatic Duke of Ashbourne, notorious as he is handsome. Shrouded in scandal yet desperately needing an heir, Ashbourne hides a wounded soul yearning for connection.

A forbidden spark ignites. Juliet and Ashbourne embark on a passionate affair, defying societal expectations with every stolen touch. But whispers of Ashbourne’s tarnished past threaten to tear them apart.

Can Juliet see beyond the rumors? Will their love survive the scrutiny of the ton, or will the truth shatter their fragile bond?

Dive into a world of

  • Scandalous secrets
  • Forbidden desires
  • Heartfelt romance

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