The Summer Romance of the Duke

Warm, Friendly Feelings, Indeed

In the opulent world of Regency England, Lady Juliana Langdon and the Duke of Messingham, Lord Reginald “Reggie” Haine, share a history as rich as the tapestries adorning the walls of their ancestral homes. Their lives have been intertwined since infancy, their parents’ intimate friendship providing the foundation for their own close-knit bond.

Over the years, Juliana and Reggie have observed each other’s unsuccessful ventures into love, leading them to make a youthful pact: should both remain unwed by the age of twenty-five, they would join hands in matrimony, a practical solution that would secure their futures and please their families.

As the sands of time slip away, the pair reach their twenty-fifth year with their friendship still firmly anchored in platonic affection, characterized by stimulating conversation and reliable companionship. Yet, the unspoken possibility of marriage looms over their heads, an untested promise neither has felt compelled to explore with romantic intent—until now.

A sudden announcement shatters their comfortable understanding. Reggie, unexpectedly—and inexplicably to Juliana—declares his engagement to another, a lady of impeccable standing who surely could offer him the distinguished partnership expected of a man in his position.

Juliana’s world, once so certain, tilts on its axis as a new emotion spreads its roots through her heart: jealousy. This startling revelation stirs a desire she never acknowledged, a yearning that transforms the way she perceives Reggie. Once casual and carefree, each shared glance and touch is now laden with a tension that neither can easily dismiss.

As the wedding preparations unfold, Reggie and Juliana are compelled to examine the depth of their feelings for one another. Will they uncover a love that has been quietly blossoming all these years, or will Reggie’s nuptials to another solidify the end of their potential romance? The revelation of true emotions amidst societal expectations sets the stage for a tale where love might mean breaking the very promises meant to secure happiness.

A Regency Standalone Novella

  • Published: 2024
  • Author: Trisha Fuentes