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The Marquess Made for Me

Author: Shaye Muir

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Unravel a Love Story Woven Across Continents

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In the bustling heart of 1870s New York, a captivating tale unfolds…

Victoria Giordano, the jewel of a wealthy Italian immigrant family, prepares for a grand proposition. Her ambitious father seeks not just a husband, but a Marquess from across the Atlantic!

Enter the Marquess of Wynehill, a man of exquisite taste and dwindling fortune. Desperate to maintain his extravagant lifestyle, he turns his sights westward – to the land of opportunity, America!

Will their union be a masterpiece, a love story woven from desire and destiny? Or will their contrasting backgrounds unravel their carefully stitched romance?

Dive into “The Marquess Made for Me,” a dazzling historical romance where old-world charm meets American ambition.

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