Jealousy Never Looked So Good

A Modern-Day Love Rectangle – PART ONE

Capri Harris already has a boyfriend, the prized, pro-bound defensive end Truett Young. Truett had always been her football hero until she found he’d been “sexting” her roommate Ivy for the past six months. It was supposed to get them both jealous, pretending to hook up with Ivy’s white boyfriend, but Capri can’t seem to get Xavier’s kiss out of her mind!

Xavier Romano has a hidden agenda. His father has forced him to find a bride, or he will stop paying his college tuition and his car lease and give his inheritance to his younger brother. He was going to propose to Ivy, but Capri’s loveliness keeps him up at night.  It’s time to make an impulsive decision.

I liked this tale. I don’t know if this story continues or not. I don’t want to give fewer stars because I hate the ending when the story is good when the writing is decent. The characters are interesting, and they move fast. I really hated that there is so much unresolved at the end.
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  • A BWWM Romance
  • Published: 2021
  • Author: Savannah Kole
This was a very quick read that served up a good dose of revenge. I liked the ending because Capri and Xavier deserved each other. Just wish there was more of the book.
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