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Whispers of Yesterday

Author: Trisha Fuentes


Love’s echoes whisper across the years in the Scottish Highlands.

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Escape to the breathtaking beauty of the Scottish Highlands with Whispers of Yesterday, a heartwarming novel that explores the enduring power of love.

Evelyn O’Conner, a world-renowned architect in her prime, seeks solace on a remote Scottish island. There, amidst the rugged coastlines and ancient secrets, she encounters Liam MacLeod, a brooding fisherman with a past as intriguing as the island itself.

Liam, younger by half, embodies the spirit of a life Evelyn once dreamt of. As they delve into conversations about dreams, regrets, and a shared passion for the island’s history, a connection sparks, both unexpected and undeniable.

But can love truly bridge the gap between experience and youthful fire? Will the whispers of Evelyn’s past silence the melody of their present?

Whispers of Yesterday is a captivating tale that proves love can bloom in the most unexpected places, challenging societal norms and reminding us that hearts know no age.

Embark on a heartwarming journey of love, loss, and second chances.

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