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His Encore, Her Ecstasy

Author: Trisha Fuentes

An Age Gap Romance

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Ebook, Paperback



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Age is just a number. Music is the universal language.

Dive into a passionate tale of forbidden love, second chances, and the power of music in His Encore, Her Ecstasy.

Meet Charlotte Madden, a shy bookstore owner, who inherits a music venue from her estranged grandmother. While renovating the space, she encounters a captivating surprise: Alex King, a reclusive rock legend seeking refuge from the relentless spotlight.

Despite their contrasting worlds and the undeniable age gap, Charlotte and Alex find themselves drawn together by their shared passion for music. As they delve into deep conversations about melodies and lyrics, a powerful connection blossoms.

Charlotte inspires Alex to rediscover his passion for music, but can their unlikely friendship evolve into something more? Will their love story shake up the music industry and challenge societal expectations?

Find out in His Encore, Her Ecstasy, a spellbinding novel that proves age is just a number when hearts beat to the same rhythm.

Rediscover the thrill of love that defies expectations.


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