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A Test For True Love

Author: Savannah Kole

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Part Two

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Capri Harris has accepted Xavier Romano’s impromptu proposal – now what?  How does Xavier really feel about her?

The months ahead are now a test.  Xavier introduces Capri to his parents and announces that they are getting married.  Will his traditional family accept her?

Capri introduces Xavier to her parents – will her family accept him?  They want to know what happened to Truett Young; they were disappointed when they heard she broke up with him; they wanted to bask in the glory and brag that their daughter was dating an NFL player.

Capri and Xavier try to navigate their feelings – did they make an impulsive decision?  Capri is caught off guard when Truett returns to her life and asks for forgiveness.  He proposes as well, but will Capri accept?

Xavier bumps into an old girlfriend, Maria Acosta, and old feelings begin to stir.  But will Maria turn Xavier’s head entirely away from Capri?

Find out what happens in Part Two and the continuation of “Jealousy Never Looked So Good”!


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