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Choosing the Future
Trisha Fuentes
Taking a Chance
Trisha Fuentes
Facing the Past
Trisha Fuentes
The Power of Two
Trisha Fuentes
The Rekindled Flame
Trisha Fuentes
Journey To Crystal Lake – Part One
Lia Lucas
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Love in Winter

Author: Shaye Muir

Is Lady Alicia destined for a loveless marriage or a life on the shelf?

Follow Lady Alicia Henley’s plight as societal pressures force her into the London Season. At twenty-five, she’s adept at dodging suitors and yearns for something more than a preordained match.

But as the season closes and options dwindle, a drastic choice presents itself.

Will she settle for a loveless union or embark on a daring adventure across the sea?

The Caribbean beckons with the promise of sunshine and perhaps love.

Dive into a captivating tale of defying expectations and finding love in the most unexpected places.

Price: $1.99

what's new

I really liked this book!  I can’t wait to read part two.

Jealousy Never Looked So Good

Amazon Review

What a wonderful story, I loved it from start to finish.  I wanted to keep reading then learned that there are crossover characters. Can’t wait to read “A Matchless Match” and more of the Hollingers.

Dare To Love

Amazon Review

I loved the premise of this book with its twist and turns.  And what a shocking ending, oh my gosh!  Loved to hear that there was a part two – I can’t wait to read what comes next with Trixi and Grayson.

Love Child

Amazon Review