The Dark Side of Him

The Dark Side of Him: Where Passion Meets Peril

Love ignites. Loyalty crumbles. Danger explodes.

Lila Rossi, an artist with a thirst for life, gets tangled in a deadly underworld war after witnessing a brutal mob hit. Now, she’s a target, and the ruthless enforcer Dante Falchetti is her only protection.

Dante is a man of shadows with a past as dark as his suits. He’s bound by duty, yet Lila’s fiery spirit sparks an unexpected flame.

Lila: Trapped in a world of violence, she finds solace in the forbidden allure of her protector. But can love bloom amidst the threat of mob executions?

As danger escalates, the line between protector and desired blurs. Can they survive the storm brewing around them, or will their secrets and desires consume them both?

  • The Protector Series – Book 1
  • Published: 2024
  • Author: V Vaughn