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Hidden Depths

Author: Savannah Kole

A BWWM Romance

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Ebook, Paperback



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Hidden Depths: Unveiling Love and History in the Urban Jungle

Carmina Brown, a brilliant archaeologist, unearths more than just buried artifacts in her latest dig. Her discovery of a forgotten past collides with the ambitions of Denver Ashlen, a ruthless real estate developer with his sights set on the very land she’s determined to preserve.

An unlikely partnership forms. Carmina needs Denver’s influence to protect the site, while he seeks to polish his image with philanthropic ventures. But beneath the city’s bustling surface, a deeper story unfolds. Unearthed artifacts whisper tales of interracial love lost to time, sparking a connection between Carmina and Denver that mirrors the very history they uncover.

Amidst the clash of construction deadlines and the thrill of excavation, a forbidden romance blossoms. Can their love bridge the chasm between their vastly different worlds? As the weight of societal expectations and whispers of disapproval loom, Carmina and Denver must decide if their newfound passion can withstand the scrutiny of the present.

Uncover a captivating tale of love, history, and defying expectations in Hidden Depths.