Hidden Depths

Prissy Jackson, a brilliant African American archaeologist, is passionate about uncovering the histories hidden beneath the urban landscape. Her latest dig in an old part of the city has garnered public attention, not least because of the unexpected support from Alex Allbrook, a wealthy white real estate developer known more for erecting skyscrapers than preserving the past.

Their partnership is pragmatic; she needs his influence to safeguard the site while he’s seeking to improve his reputation through philanthropic ventures. Yet, as they work together, they discover artifacts that reveal the story of the city and the narrative of countless untold interracial relationships that were a part of its past. Intrigued by these historical romances, Prissy and Alex find themselves unwittingly mirroring the same.

Amidst the hustle of construction schedules and the dust of excavation, their professional relationship slowly excavates romantic feelings. Together, they navigate the complications of their socially opposite worlds and the reactions of their close ones. Through uncovering the complexities of the past, they must decide if their newfound love can withstand the scrutiny of the present.

  • Published: 2024
  • Genre: Modern
  • Author: Savannah Kole