Hey, its Trish.  I’m a self-published author, just like you!  Several years ago, when I was first starting out, I had no idea how to create an eBook cover.  eBooks were fairly new back then, so I just basically converted my paperback cover ~ viola!  Bad idea.  My margins were off and my fonts were barely legible.  I know a few of you out there are still experiencing this same pain, but you really don’t have to.  I created this site for self-published authors just starting out, Indie Authors who want to upgrade their existing cover, or those of you who don’t have the budget to spend on a fancy cover or inflated publishing services.

I do this on my spare time.  I also write, so in between, I like to create things.  I’m also here to help.  If you have an idea in mind and can’t seem to find an eBook cover on the net that suits your needs, then feel free to contact me ~ we can create an eBook cover together!

Lastly, “ebookready.store” will be taking over “ardentartistbooks.com” very soon so don’t be alarmed when it redirects to my new site.

Thanks for stopping by and it was nice to finally meet you!