Second in Command

New York, 1977

Francesca Donato was twenty-one and in her prime.  Gorgeous, wild, an Italian princess.  Her father, second in command under Vincenzio Benedetti, the Capo of the Montagna Mafia family, spoiled his daughter to extremes, and she always got what she wanted.  Designer clothes, exotic cars, and money, Francesca wanted Enzo, a soldier in the Benedetti army.

Enzo Andonetto was untamed, out of control, and trigger-happy.  Nightclubs, dancing, and drugs were always on the menu when he spotted Francesca dancing with her friends one night at the club.

Apart from that, they were lively, but together, they were a force, and Vincenzio welcomed their union when Enzo asked his permission to marry her.  But there was one test the Capo needed Enzo to do before his wedding: get rid of a rival that was stealing from their territory.

How does an unmatched pair climax? By violence and an unexpected gunshot that came from nowhere…

Read Second In Command, an Italian Mafia Arranged Marriage Romance – that includes crossover characters from Evenly Matched

  • Published: 2022
  • Author: V. Vaughn