Self-service Solution

Are you an Indie Author looking for a complete cover package?  Searched other websites only to find that publishing your own writing will cost you in excess of thousands of dollars?  Not here...

You can turn any one of our eBook covers into a 6x9 paperback with our new Paperback Package.  At just $199, you get a full front, spine and back cover with your books Title, sub-title, author details and summary.  Own an ISBN?  We can affix your previously purchased ISBN to the back of your paperback included with your books price!   Wait, there's more...



Professional Acrobat Distiller

Along with your "distilled" PDF, yep, haven't heard of that word before?  That's what a professional printer requires in their submissions for an acceptable printable paperback cover.  You get this service for free along with one (1) 1600px by 2560px cover image (commercial specifications for uploading to Barnes & Noble and Amazon KDP websites) and one (1) 300px by 450px cover image (for Author’s personal usage).


What are you waiting for? Start the Process today!

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  • This form should be submitted in conjunction with the eBook you've added to your cart. ($140 fee applies at time of purchase and will be verified). 6x9 Paperbacks only. If you'd like a larger paperback cover, please feel free to contact us!
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