Almost Yours

Shandy Johnson and Leo James had been a couple for years. They were engaged to married, things seemed perfect until Leo drops a bombshell that his job is sending him to open up a branch in another country. Shandy didn’t want to move out of the United States, her career was here.

Max Fenton worked side by side Shandy for years. His law firm hired her because she was a brilliant lawyer. He admired her tenacity and loved their daily flirty banter, until one night he felt her vulnerability.

How could she be attracted to her white coworker when she was living the dream with her soul mate? Could it be her fiancé’s selfishness that was pushing her into another man’s arms, or was it something else?

A BWWM Romance

Never Say Forever

Under Development

An Enemies to Lovers Romance

Phoebe and Clark Connolly’s marriage ended in divorce with the scandalous stain haunting them forever. Until a ship wreck maroons them on an island where they are forced to get along.

Cast ashore with their companions, they find solace and comfort again amongst the sea breezes, and moonlight walks in the sand.

Are Phoebe and Clark devoted to divorce? Or will warm tropical nights ignite their frozen passion?

Modern Day Romance


After her husband’s unexpected death, Gayle Browne gets the shock of her life when her husband’s “husband” shows up to the reading of his will.

AJ didn’t know about the love of his life’s “wife” either. Why didn’t his husband tell him he was married before! And to a woman? He was bi-sexual too?

Gayle and Liam were high school sweethearts - she had no idea of Liam’s secret life. And to find out they have a little girl?

Her head was spinning.
His whole world turned upside down.
This whole dynamic, twisted and unreal.

How could it be that through all this heartache, pain and suffering, Gayle and AJ are now morbidly attracted to one another?

One night changes everything…

Find out what happens in this BWWM, Surprise Family tale!

Second in Command

1977 New York

Francesca Donato was twenty-one, and in her prime. Gorgeous, wild, an Italian princess. Her father, second in command under Vincenzio Benedetti the Capo of the Montagna Mafia family, spoiled his daughter to extremes where she always got what she wanted. Designer clothes, exotic cars and money, Francesca wanted Enzo, a soldier in the Benedetti army.

Enzo Andonetto was untamed, out of control and trigger happy. Nightclubs, dancing and drugs were always on the menu when he spotted Francesca dancing one night at the club with her friends.

Apart, they were lively, but together, they were a force, and Vincenzio welcomed their union when Enzo asked his permission to marry her. But there was one test the Capo needed Enzo to do before his wedding, get rid of a rival that was stealing from their territory.

How does an unmatched pair climax? By violence, and an unexpected gunshot that came from nowhere…

An Italian Mafia Arranged Marriage Romance - includes crossover characters from “Evenly Matched


Removing Item