Meet Me On Social Media

Bella Martin has a huge following on social media. She’s a normal girl, with daily problems who loves to make fun of herself in front of millions of followers.

Julian Keyes is the heir to a Fortune 500 company. His parents have waited long enough for him to marry and threaten him that they will pass his inheritance down to his lowly cousin if he doesn’t find himself a wife.

Out of annoyance, Julian shows his father a picture of Bella—the famous influencer—and claims that she’s his lover.

What happens next when Julian now needs to find Bella to get her to act like his girlfriend to save the ruse? He's ready to pay her any amount, she’s a sassy woman who is up for the deal. But will this fake contract relationship turn into something more?

An Alpha Male Curvy Woman Romance

Taunt Me

Jason Ryan just resumed work as the CEO of his late father’s company after his old man got killed by a drunk black man. Under strict instruction from his father’s will to work with the carefully selected employees on the team or stand being replaced, Jason feels he got the bad end of the deal especially when he has to deal with his infuriating black secretary.

Devoted secretary, Kyra Aston is nothing short of a perfectionist. Unfortunately, due to the death of her former boss, her path collides with that of his son who is a hard worker but hates black people. Working with him is a nightmare and she wants so much to leave.

Jason has it bad. Seeing Kyra for the first time stirred up something in him. At first, he thought it was hatred, but when he discovers his feelings are close to the opposite, he is already far into her.

Soon, the shots they take at each other starts building a fire of sexual tension and Jason, knowing getting into a relationship with Kyra would affect his peace of mind and probably the business, he can’t seem to keep his hands off her.

Their relationship soon becomes one built on lust and hatred for one another. Will Kyra fall in love with her racist boss and will Jason be able to look past her skin color?

Sing Me A Song

When Carson Avery stumbles upon the whereabouts of Scarlett Sales, a recluse singer of the forgotten girl group, Sensation—he had to interview her.

Tanya Sommers—aka, Scarlett Sales—had changed her name years back, how did this nerdish white male reporter—from that online global music blog, Lightening Bolt—find her? She had been hiding out for the past ten years - why does he want an interview now?

Carson not only finds a great story for his blog, but he’s found his soul mate.

A BWWM Romance


Cynthia Parcel was a highly regarded college professor. She was a black beauty with the brains to match. Her life was on the fast-track, dreams had already come true; she was successful, prominent, with a well-deserved social status until she meets a white male student that threatens all she holds dear.

Marco Laredo was a cocky soccer player who needed help in history. Passing this one last class would solidify his chances of graduating and entering the Major League Soccer SuperDraft. Requesting help was easy, but when a fellow student could no longer tutor him, he seeks out Ms. Parcel in desperation.

When the student/teacher collide, fireworks spark. One session turns into a torrid, secret affair.

A BWWM Romance

Cougar at Play

Leticia Jackson was a top-selling real estate agent from Beverly Hills. Selling million dollar homes to celebrities and professional athletes was no problem for her, maintaining a private life, was. In her forties, never married, her career and making money was her passion, until she comes across a twenty-something, cocky courier who likes to drops off his packages late at night.

Seducing Conrad Merrick was easy, he was always up for a hook-up, until he sets eyes on the lovely Ms. Jackson. He has to have her, but do passionate-filled nightly romps melt in the light of day?

A BWWM Romance

Love Child – Part One

Trixi Matthews had always known who her biological father was. Her mother had been a maid in the wealthy business man’s household for years, and Mr. Fischer frequently took advantage of her mother’s youth.

Twenty-four years later, and Trixi now wants to know him. At first, stalking Mr. Fischer had been easy - she had easily gone unnoticed, until she’s discovered by the covert operations of his wayward son.

Grayson Fischer had noticed her from the start! Trixi was unlike any girl he’s ever seen - but who was she really?

They meet by chance, and Trixi keeps her secret … until Grayson begins to show his feelings for her. Find out what happens when the mystery gets revealed.

Love Child - Part 1 of 2
A BWWM Romance


Removing Item