Fire & Rescue

Fire Down Below...

Rayna Russo just turned forty-five. She was a single mother, divorced and not looking for love ever again. Her ex, Marty was such a bad husband, he forever ruined her trust in men. All males were deemed untrustworthy until the great spaghetti incident of 2018. Enter the gorgeous Tim Thompson, firefighter extraordinaire who melts the heart of the Ice Queen.

Includes Crossover Characters! Recommended first read, Swept Away or you'll be lost 😉

Novella Two in The Escape Series!

Swept Away

She was swept off her feet...

Cassie Monerrez just turned forty-five. She was a single mother, divorced and working an unexciting job as a high school office assistant. After registering for an online dating app, Cassie officially enters the Friends With Benefits world among a string of bad dates, midnight romps with her ex and lonely weekends. Cassie almost gives up on men all together when she meets her match in the afternoon janitor, Wyatt Zander.

Novella One in The Escape Series


Dr. Dexter Brody was a very successful dentist and was somewhat of a ladies man. Owning one of the most thriving dental clinics in NYC, he wasn’t short on female attention. But all the women he met lately were dull, boring and ordinary, until he meets Tia Michaels.

Tia the beautiful, black patient of his was unlike anyone he’s ever met before, and she’s even more captivating when his regular charms don’t work so well on her.

Read what happens to Dexter and Tia in this HOT BWWM Romance!


When Becca Jones has a flat tire, she receives help from none other than her obnoxious white neighbor. He’s charming, he’s handsome, but Becca doesn’t take the bait.

Aiden Holmsted is a millionaire tech wizard who has a crush on the dark beauty. But she’s standoffish, mysterious and doesn’t accept his help right away.

Unforeseen coincidences continually push them together until sparks fly and the mystery, clears.

A BWWM Romance

Pop Fly Kiss

Cocky, Jared Somner was just about to be called up to the majors. Playing for the Memphis Redbirds, the Triple-A ball team for the St. Louis Cardinals, Jared had no desire to have a girlfriend. Baseball was his life until he meets a tenacious groupie.

Penny Lawton was obsessed with the Redbirds. Her and her girlfriends would attend all the games hoping to catch a fly ball, or a kiss from a ball player.

Groupies to Jared were trivial, until he locks eyes with Penny, the slightly over-weight, obnoxious girl he can’t seem to stop thinking of. He’s about to write her off for good until one night changes everything.

An Alpha Male Curvy Woman Romance

The Butterfly

When Vanessa Baker asks some random guy for his watch at a bar during a dare, she had no idea what the consequences might be. On her first day at a new job she bumps into the CEO intending on accepting her punishment.

Jackson Farrell didn’t know what hit him! Out of the blue some unknown female asks him for his fifty-thousand dollar watch? And he just hands it over? Little does she know she’s exactly his type!

Find out what happens when an alpha male meets his sexual muse.

An Alpha Male Curvy Woman Romance


Removing Item