She Was Going Home

Colbie Parker-Jones just broke up with her longtime boyfriend, so of course, she wasn’t a happy camper at her co-worker’s wedding. She was just about to go home when she locks eyes with him getting a drink at the bar.

Matt Henderson hated wedding receptions, but was talked into going by his neighbor. He was getting his last free drink when he spotted her from afar.

This was Friday night, and Saturday morning they woke up next to each other. Their attraction, undeniable, their wanting to spend the weekend with one another—unexpected. Until Sunday evening… when it was time to say goodbye, let go of the fantasy, and slide back into reality.

Will they ever see each other again? More than likely, no… But if you’re really meant to be together, there is a master plan.

  • Author: Lia Lucas
  • Published: 2023